CigarClub Customs Vol. 1: Algo Sincero [5 Pack]
CigarClub Customs Vol. 1: Algo Sincero [5 Pack]

CigarClub Customs Vol. 1: Algo Sincero [5 Pack]

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The first ever CigarClub Customs is here!

Quantities are extremely limited.

Liga: Algo Sincero
Size: 5 1/4 x 50
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Deflorada [Connecticut]
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Tasting Notes: white pepper, cream, sweet nougat, honey, caramel, cocoa

Smoked best on a fresh palate, Algo Sincero is wrapped with a flawless Ecuadorian Deflorada wrapper and has an all Nicaraguan filler & binder. When we discovered we’d have the opportunity to work with this rare Connecticut wrapper - we had to use it in this first release. Deflorada refers to the process of removing the flowers that grow on the top of tobacco plants. In doing so, all of the nutrients now flow directly to the tobacco leaves, creating hardier leaves that add significant depth of flavor
to the wrapper.

Translated from Spanish to mean ‘Something Sincere’, Algo Sincero is all about genuine and authentic cigar making. While blending at the factory in Nicaragua this year, Jeff and I noticed something in every step of the process - sincerity. From the farm, to the aging & sorting rooms, the rolling tables and the packaging departments - the team of people at Tabacalera La Perla truly cared about their contribution to these cigars. Beyond that, they cared about people, about us - about the cigar smoker who would eventually light this cigar thousands of miles away. We want to bring back the days where cigars were created with pride and sincerity, humbly wrapped in brown paper 5 packs, rolled in extremely small batches and produced to showcase the use of the factory’s incredible tobaccos. We’ve worked hard to develop a blend that would honor the history of cigars: the factory rollers, farmers and ultimately you, the cigar smoker.

We achieved something great with this blend. A Connecticut shade cigar
that has body, black pepper spice and strength at the start - thanks to the addition of ligero to the filler and the use of a Deflorada wrapper. From there, it throttles down and moves into notes of sweet nougat, honey, caramel and creme - finally finishing with soft cocoa and vanilla. Algo Sincero is the depiction of a manufacturer who cares about the quality of his tobacco and a team of passionate rollers. This cigar is our expression of what Connecticut cigars can be when done with excellence. 

This is CigarClub Customs No. 1 - Algo Sincero.